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Equipe brasileira de CS2D @ 2005~2017

Márcio "mrc" Evangelista
Felipe "mnx" Albuquerque
Doglas "scr" Berselli
João "spl" Rocha
Gabriel "tks" Gualchi

Copa Nacional Brasileira @ 2006
Campeonato Brasileiro @ 2008
2x2 Brasil @ 2009
3x3 Brasil @ 2009
4x4 Brasil @ 2009
Copa do Brasil @ 2009
Campeonato Brasileiro @ 2009
Copa do Brasil @ 2010
Campeonato Brasileiro @ 2010
Liga Nacional de Clãs @ 2010
Liga Nacional de Clãs @ 2011
Liga Nacional de Clãs @ 2012

Nenhum evento disputado ainda.
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MTW deatH
MTW rsw
MTW lsw
MTW bright 
MTW spw
MTW mwxL
MTW rdg


MTW thx

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ae rapaziada, vo mandar uns videos que eu tenho de cs2d, vo selecionar uns em especifico pra mostrar pra vcs.
se quiser ver mais da um tapa em:
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CS2D está disponível no Steam! Eu recomendo usar a versão Steam porque vem com recursos adicionais. Já estou providenciando um servidor dedicado para que a gente possa jogar juntos, vamos fazer dar certo dessa vez! 😉

Spoiler: show
INFO First release with Steam support (Win client only)

FIXED Various voice chat issues and stability problems
FIXED Various visual lighting engine issues
FIXED Various minor visual HUD / tooltip issues
FIXED Laser mines rotation
FIXED mp_hudscale not behaving correctly in all scenarios
FIXED Vertical black boarder (1-4px width) appeared for larger 16:9 resolutions
FIXED Graphical glitches when using command line parameters
FIXED Large avatars were sometimes not downloaded properly
FIXED Client money limit when pickup up gold or coins
FIXED Lag animation not looking right under certain network conditions
FIXED Committing suicide did not work anymore since
FIXED Bad projectile timing with increased FPS in
FIXED Problems with building rotations since
FIXED Sometimes unable to join servers when they were running Lua tweens
FIXED Scoreboard hide HUD option did not hide scripted Lua HUD elements
FIXED Possible crash when failing to write advanced radar/minimap cache
CHANGED Improved stability when server is being DDoSed
CHANGED Crosshair of spectated player is now semitransparent
CHANGED When being flashed the radar now also becomes invisible
CHANGED Max. 2 U.S.G.N./Steam avatars are downloaded & stored concurrently to minimize FPS drops
CHANGED Lua Command player(id,"mousex") now returns -1 if mouse data is not available
CHANGED "conkey" (console key) works as intended for more keyboard layouts
CHANGED Increased fire rate for all weapons (2.5%)
CHANGED Console now uses scaled text
CHANGED Scoreboard sorting now takes in account mvp and assists
CHANGED The scoreboard now shows building count of teammates only
CHANGED Default windows graphics driver is now OpenGL (for Steam overlay support)
CHANGED Flash bang effect now hides radar
CHANGED Fiveseven damage decreased from 19 to 18
ADDED Over 50 Steam achievements (Windows only)
ADDED Command mp_connectionlimit for max. accepted connections
ADDED Command cp_roundend for more additional round information message
ADDED Command sb_autosize (automatic scoreboard size)
ADDED Command sb_kpd (scoreboard kills / deaths ratio)
ADDED Lua Command tween_frame (image frame animation)
ADDED "mousemapx" & "mousemapy" parameters for Lua player command (mouse position on map)
ADDED Server ticks are displayed in scoreboard and in-game menu (updates per second)
ADDED Clients are able to see which operating system server is running
ADDED Server lag compensation information in menu


Servidor atualizado & on-line! Divirtam-se! :)

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