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Title: CS2D v.
Post by: mrc on 03.12.17 18:29:48


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FIXED Steam achievement progress did not save properly
FIXED Crash when hovering UI text field and starting loading the map at the same time
FIXED Better stability for servers with longer uptime
FIXED Lack of lag compensation precision since introduction of 60 fps
FIXED TileFX for 64px tilesets
FIXED 3D graphics mode with 4:3 gameplay ratio for 800x600 and 1024x768 resolutions
FIXED Autobuy did not allow to buy AK-47 when autobuy list contained a M4A1 before the AK-47
FIXED Main menu language flag sometimes opened the options while scrolling the serverlist
FIXED Offline serverlist cache did sometimes not work properly under certain circumstances
FIXED Spawn projectiles appeared out of sync between client and server
FIXED When using "Free Look" it was impossible to select player to spectate from scoreboard
FIXED Wrong flag was displayed for Czech localization
FIXED Env_Light size was limited to 128 instead of 256
FIXED Some rendering issues in DirectX mode with high resolutions on maps with Env_TileFX entities
FIXED Shotguns now fire correctly when mouse1 is held down with an empty clip
CHANGED User name is now updated in ranked data list
CHANGED Blood spray and ground snow particles fade out quicker if there are many (performance optimization)
CHANGED Default lag compensation divisor is now 16
CHANGED Rank command now shows user type (U.S.G.N. / Steam)
CHANGED Improved hudtxt font sharpness when using mp_hudscale (1 or 2)
CHANGED Serverlist: Only the real player count is now used for sorting by player count, bots are ignored
CHANGED Linux: Default color depth is now 24 bit instead of 32 bit for better compatibility
CHANGED Fancy round end messages (cp_roundend) are now enabled by default
ADDED Korean translation, thanks to Zeisen (U.S.G.N. #53832)
ADDED UTF-8 support for hudtxt and sv_msg commands
ADDED Lua UTF-8 support for print, msg, msg2 and parse commands ("hello" = "UTF-8:\x68\x65\x6C\x6C\x6F")
ADDED 1440x900 resolution support
ADDED 1360x768 resolution support
ADDED Lua image flag when using path "<flag:iso>"
ADDED Lua command reqhttp(url, path) to request http connection
ADDED Lua command player(id,"mousedist") now returns mouse distance from player with in-game measurement
ADDED Lua command "addbind" (adds a key bind which the server can listen to with the "key" Lua hook)
ADDED Lua hook "httpdata" (when http data is received afer sending a request with reqhttp)
ADDED Lua hook "assist" (when a player receives a kill assist)
ADDED Lua hook "key" (when key bound via "addbind" is pressed)
ADDED Command/setting "steam_login_timeout" to control how much time to use for login request
ADDED Additional ammo parameters for spawnitem command
ADDED "hudtxt" command additional vertical align and font size parameters
ADDED Entity property to ignore fog of war for Env_Breakable
ADDED Selected player in the scoreboard blinks in the radar
ADDED Spectator icon in the scoreboard for the player that you are currently spectating
ADDED Assist argument in "kill" hook
ADDED Small X button in main menu for quitting (top right corner in main menu)
ADDED Small arrow for window/fullscreen switching (top right corner in main menu)
ADDED 3 new Steam achievements ("FIRST BLOOD!", "So bright!", "I can see you!")
REMOVED IRC Chat (wasn't used properly by anyone)