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Applications / Clan Applications
« on: 23.04.18 22:21:14 »
Please answer this topic filling the form below to register your clan in our community.

Clan Name: Will be displayed in the forum
Clan Tag: Will be displayed in the forum
Clan Leader: The clan leader must be registered in the forum so he can receive the moderator role for the clan forum.
Clan Members: Min. of 5 members and max. of 7 members.
Country of Origin: If the clan has members from different countries, the country of origin will be of the leader of the clan.
Clan Logo (optional):
Clan Website (optional):

Your application will be reviewed by an administrator, if accepted a forum with the name of your clan will be created.

News / Downtime and Version Insights
« on: 31.03.18 16:18:19 »
[ Invalid Facebook URL ]

News / Moderator applications
« on: 18.03.18 20:22:16 »
    Applications are now OPEN. Reply this topic for it!

    What you should know before applying?
    If you want to increase the chances of getting accepted, make sure to read this very carefully. Applications that do not follow these guidelines will be ignored and locked.
    • We're looking for staff members who are civilized, can behave appropriately and can properly assess and take care of a situation as maturely as possible.
    • You need to have a understanding of the server rules.
    • Don't translate your application or write it in a language other than English.
    Application Format

    An application requires a few things in an organized matter. These things are crucial to identify who you are so be sure to include them.
    • In-Game Name(s)
    • USGN ID (this is your usgn NUMBER, not registered name)
    • Which server are you applying for?
    • How much time have you spent on the server?
    • Do you have any previous experience as a Moderator? (If so, where?)
    • Do you speak English fluently? (Feel free to mention other languages you're fluent in)
    • Why are you applying for this position?
    • Short Introduction/About yourself (Let us know you better!)

    News / Donate to CS2D World
    « on: 06.03.18 18:58:08 »
    How is CS2D World funded?
    All hosting costs of this website are covered by me.

    Donate? Why?
    This topic allows you to donate money to CS2D World. A PayPal account is required to do so. Donations are just a way to say "Thank you". They are not crucial for running this website, but for our CS2D servers. I'm happy about every donation nevertheless!




    News / Rules
    « on: 05.03.18 21:12:42 »
    You will get a ban when you violate the rules. A banned account is very limited. It is not allowed to get a new account.

    §1 - Proper Content
    1.1 - Illegal contents of all sorts are forbidden (also their endorsement, especially cracks/pirate copies)
    1.2 - Racist contents of all sorts are forbidden
    1.3 - Pornographic contents of all sorts are forbidden

    Ban: 3 days / 7 days / Permanent.

    §2 - No Spam
    2.1 - Needless and/or doubled posts (spam) are forbidden, no "+1", "inb4" etc.
    2.2 - The forum is NOT a chat room! Behave accordingly! No unsubstantial/very short posts!
    2.3 - Only use tags (especially spoiler, more and quote) where they really make sense

    Ban: 3 days / 7 days / Permanent.

    §3 - No Flame
    3.1 - No Posts which offend/provoke/insult other people or groups (flame)

    Ban: 3 days / 7 days / Permanent.

    §4 - Proper Language
    4.1 - Use proper, understandable language and no dialects (and also no translation tools)
    4.2 - "1337-Speak" (and the like) is not allowed
    4.3 - Only English/Portuguese/Spanish (depending on section) is allowed - NO OTHER LANGUAGES!
    4.4 - Titles/texts in capital letters are impolite and undesired
    4.5 - Stick to the point! Do not write stuff which is not related to the original topic!

    Ban: 3 days / 7 days / Permanent.

    §5 - Additional Rules
    5.1 - Show good behavior and simply don't be a stupid asshole
    5.2 - No advertisement, ref-links, clan threads and forum games
    5.3 - No memes, ASCII art or comparable fun pictures! Go to 4Chan with those!
    5.4 - Do not use temporary e-mail addresses for your account and no proxy for registration
    5.5 - Accounts are bound to their owner. It is forbidden to share, swap or sell them!

    Ban: 3 days / 7 days / Permanent.

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